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Autism PDA

That lightbulb moment

That lightbulb moment Well it came too late   The glass had already been placed across the flesh of my then childless carcass. Very thin, so very very thin, little resistance against my thick skin   With an infernal fist, i create rain of light and glitter it’s pretty, it can be, this Neurodiversity   …

Autism PDA

An old but ever relevant one. ASD

this holds a special place in my heart, as shit as most of it is, i like the second half pictured below. To me, it sums up my then confusing and scary ‘emotional episodes’ otherwise known as undiagnosed autism meltdowns it is a perfect Autism/anxiety poem…in my experience at least Fierce festival 2007. Bernadette Louise …

Autism PDA

I’m not sure why

I don’t know whats spinning around your head, so you decide not to come to bed, but I’m not scared to bear the truth, there’s nothing there to bother you. Imaginary monsters claw at your snores and i am unable to combat that. I’m nothing but a bore to you and with every huff and puff …

Autism PDA

Ailing…buying Zomlings

I feel sick and unwell Im Fucking Ailing buying zomlings Identifying playthings out of iPhone playlists to get us round supermarkEts Sick of Sainsburys, it’s all i breathe Tis the air that i seathe and swelter and burn under their neon shelter Tis my wardrobe Tis my bank load Tis our salvation after social malfunction …