I’m your first grandchild

I’m your first grandchild. Born to your first daughter.  I understand your humming Your whistles and whispers We are the same, you and me.    I wish i knew more of your  invisible invasion.  I can hazard a guess, but[…]

Is it because I am like a man?

Is it because I am like a man? Bullish Firm and stand my ground Refuse to roll over and take it lying down But it can’t be, can it?   Social Rapists. Self indulgent and full of shit.   Cunts.[…]

That lightbulb moment

That lightbulb moment Well it came too late   The glass had already been placed across the flesh of my then childless carcass. Very thin, so very very thin, little resistance against my thick skin   With an infernal fist,[…]

An old but ever relevant one. ASD

this holds a special place in my heart, as shit as most of it is, i like the second half pictured below. To me, it sums up my then confusing and scary ‘emotional episodes’ otherwise known as undiagnosed autism meltdowns[…]

I’m not sure why

I don’t know whats spinning around your head, so you decide not to come to bed, but I’m not scared to bear the truth, there’s nothing there to bother you. Imaginary monsters claw at your snores and i am unable to[…]

Ailing…buying Zomlings

I feel sick and unwell Im Fucking Ailing buying zomlings Identifying playthings out of iPhone playlists to get us round supermarkEts Sick of Sainsburys, it’s all i breathe Tis the air that i seathe and swelter and burn under their[…]

Y’yummy mummy

Y’yummy mummy   You get your Armani You get your Pri-marni Your 6am sale chaser, the Next big splurger and your Blue Cross piranha The ones content to swim through an aisle of lackluster But I need a gut buster[…]

The lady with the holes in her top

The lady with the holes in her top I know why they are there, those two tiny holes. I know that you cut out the label from your top. I know that you did that for comfort and for relief.[…]

Together we must be bread

Together we must be bread Feed ourselves Let our kids pull at us and pummel our doughy bodies in to kneaded readiness We must rest, we must allow ourselves to recover, receive oxygen and grow.   And together we must[…]

“we are all on the spectrum” blah blah blah

People love to say things like “there is no such thing as normal”, “we are all on the spectrum” blah blah blah…not true. If you truly are, then you know or feel that it is not true. I know normal[…]