Not bought, not baked.

To Hysteria – Publication
Submission by 14th Nov 2014.

“How can a woman who has made such a fuck up of her own life, her children’s lives, and her step-children’s lives, be given the privilege and access to vulnerable, beautiful grandchildren to potentially fuck up their lives too?

Maternal instinct is something natural, grown in the womb, in the heart and in the brain. It is mine.

Love is not something that can be paid for with overdrafts, loans or maxed out credit cards.

Obsessed with spending and portraying a fictional life. Addicted to trying to fill an unfulfilled life by spoiling the innocence of unknowing children. Desperate to be wanted by those who are not yours.
Those little bodies who know no better.

Tainting the young and ruining grown up lives around you.

Grandmotherhood is something to be earned.
Not bought.
Not baked.
Not faked.
And certainly not manipulated.

Your blood is not ours; you have violated my family like a cancerous river of burning acid bile, a sickness through our veins.

A weak man has let this happen.
But I will end it now.”