“we are all on the spectrum” blah blah blah

People love to say things like “there is no such thing as normal”, “we are all on the spectrum” blah blah blah…not true. If you truly are, then you know or feel that it is not true. I know normal[…]

As he cried…

As he cries, As he cried, my chest crumples, crumpled in to itself. My ribs and their contents compress in to one firm ball of paper thin, spiky, cutting silver foil. The pain is sharp and growing and indescribable to[…]

A piece a night…

I have apparently got a condition called PDA, ASD. It means that i appear to be (or actually actively become) extremely lazy – it’s called Demand Avoidance. I seem to be unable to commit to anything. There might be few[…]

Pants on the radiator…

Pants on the radiator… The Boy’s second attempt (or is it third?) at no nappies. “Have you thought about trying him in pants?” says The Boys pre-school key worker. She is nice enough…but seriously. What the flying shitting fuck do[…]

Time to go down stairs now..

“Time to go down stairs now”… The boy yells as his lego playing is coming to an end. “You’ve finished now have you?” He continues at the top of his voice. It’s 6:31am and whilst Toddle is in his high[…]

Good Morning you git. The beginning of the day…

Good Morning you git. The beginning of the day: The morning seems ok, The Boy starts from the second he opens his eyes, possibly before as he blurts out random stuff all night long, dreams, nightmares, what he’d like for[…]

Not bought, not baked.

To Hysteria – Publication Submission by 14th Nov 2014. “How can a woman who has made such a fuck up of her own life, her children’s lives, and her step-children’s lives, be given the privilege and access to vulnerable, beautiful[…]