social justice

Social housing? More like social herding

Social housing

More like social herding

Led down bleak tunnelesque roads

Faced with a tight concrete holding area on top of each other, watching each other, waiting. 

Hearded in to small brick pens

Blocky and dark, tiny window with no view  Homes on an industrial scale, 

Treated like cattle again and again

No grass, no space, no air, no respect 

Claustrophobic living, barely breathing, grateful to have a roof, be inside

This isn’t the greater consciousness, it’s inflicted suicide, the long term damage will be realised and eventually it it will be recognised that it’s nothing but failed high rise, flats spread over more land,

Rural doesn’t mean squat when the rats set in. 

There is no freedom in a field so compacted. So many people in a small space, infested, animalistic escapism, without a way out. 

This is progress, this is the Tory Government doing their ‘best’ to ease the pressure on the housing crisis, with no idea of the long term consequences, not learning from past mistakes, when it all went wrong, acres of flats torn down and rebuilt elsewhere, but taking the problems with them, so everyone becomes infected with the same persistent disease of poverty imposed by disability, worsened by lack of social mobility, where’s the respectability? Dignity gone, took a dive out of 17th floor window, left in a hostel under a bed, a note good bye to the 3 bed semi no longer viable, squeezed in to a box, cuts unacceptable, forced backwards, this is tory progress. 

People can’t expect to be free range when they are asking for help. 

Not free range, like chestnut grange with a garden and pathway to a front door that opens not on to a road but a colour green.