Autism PDA

That lightbulb moment

That lightbulb moment

Well it came too late


The glass had already been placed

across the flesh of my then

childless carcass.

Very thin,

so very very thin,

little resistance against my thick skin


With an infernal fist, i create rain

of light and glitter

it’s pretty,

it can be,

this Neurodiversity


Calfs crusted in piss and pinot,

tender arms and ankles of the girl dysphoric,

Because of you,


because it wasn’t yet diagnostic,

but it is Pathologically ballistic


and it came too late, for me. 


But I had it. That Lightbulb moment.
It’s not too late for you.



RESCUE. And Thank you PDA Society.

Thank you. 

Link to the PDA Society Website.